Why Study Chinese?

Studying Chinese is a great opportunity for a wide array of students. More people speak Chinese than any other language in the world. The growing international economy has created a greater need than ever for employees and researchers who are able to navigate Chinese culture and language. Written Chinese is also the longest continuously used writing system in the world. Chinese not only allows you to explore a different culture, it is also valuable in the study of history and society across time.

The Chinese program prepares students for incredible academic experiences and pairs well with other fields of study at Notre Dame. 


Student posing in front of terracotta solider statues in China

We offer a Chinese major, supplementary major or minor. We also offer a Chinese International Economics major and an honors track

We teach beginner through advanced level language courses. The Chinese program also offers a wide range of courses in English on Chinese literature and culture.

Learn about the 97% of Chinese majors who found success within 6 months of graduation.

Student Opportunities

You can study abroad in Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong for a summer, semester, or year. There are also international internship and research opportunities.

"I looked at the global landscape and just felt that knowing Chinese would be really important going forward. So I chose to pursue Chinese."

— Jack McKenna ’15. Now CEO and President of Prescient, a global risk management and intelligence services firm

Questions? Want to get started in Chinese?

Please contact:

Professor Yongping Zhu
Chinese Program Coordinator