International Economics

International Economics for Chinese

The Chinese International Economics major is a great opportunity for you to develop as a business leader while also growing as a global citizen. You will learn the analytical and cultural skills needed to navigate today’s interconnected global economy. This major prepares you for successful careers in Asian countries and contexts.

For this major, students take a minimum of eight economics courses. Students also take a one-credit Exploring International Economics course which integrates the study of culture with the study of economics.

Students must complete a minimum of four semesters of Chinese language courses through the fourth year level, including a Business Chinese course. Students must also take a minimum of three upper-division courses in Chinese or Japanese literature and culture, including at least one literature course taught by EALC faculty.

In their senior year, students have the option of writing a senior capstone essay that integrates their economic and language and culture study or taking the two-semester sequence in fifth year Chinese. The senior capstone project may be a senior thesis under the guidance of a faculty member from Economics or East Asian Languages and Cultures or a research seminar paper that focuses on a topic or topics related to the economic, linguistic, and cultural characteristics of a country or countries where Chinese is spoken.

International Economics Course Checklist

  1. Math requirement
    • Calculus I
    • Calculus II
  2. Required courses in Economics
    • ECON 10010 or 20010 Principles of Microeconomics                 
    • ECON 10020 or 20020 Principles of Macroeconomics
    • ECON 30010 Intermediate Economic Theory (Micro)                           
    • ECON 30020 Intermediate Economic Theory (Macro)
    • ECON 30330 Statistics for Economics                              
    • ECON 30331 Econometrics
  3. Two of the following:
    • ECON 40700 International Economics                               
    • ECON 40710 International Trade
    • ECON 40720 International Money
    • ECON 40800 Development Economics
  4. Required 1.0-credit course, “Exploring International Economics”
  5. Required courses in Chinese language:       
    • EALC 30311-30312/31311-31312 Third Year Chinese
    • EALC 40411-40412 Fourth Year Chinese
  6. Required two 1.0-credit course supplement in Business Chinese
  7. Three required upper-division courses in Chinese literature and culture: 
    • LLEA Literature Course
    • LLEA XXXXX             
  8. Senior Capstone Project or an additional LLEA 40XXX course with a research paper.  

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