Welcome to the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures!

We offer majors, supplemental majors, and minors in Chinese and Japanese. We also offer a minor in Korean. All programs within our department come with great opportunities for faculty-student and student-student interaction. Our students rate our faculty and programs very highly, and we are known throughout the University for our excellent teachers.

We offer courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Our language courses are rigorous, innovative, and creative. For example, our first-year students meet outside class with language partners who are native speakers as well as with peer tutors who are advanced students in their target language.

After their first year of language studies, we encourage our students to apply for a Summer Language Abroad (SLA) grant to immerse themselves in an intensive 6-8 week course in Taiwan, mainland China, Korea, or Japan. A summer of intensive language study abroad accelerates acquisition and returning students generally place into third-year language courses.

In addition to completing a challenging language program, our majors take East Asian courses in political science, history, philosophy, anthropology, theology, literature, music, film, business, and theater. While some of our majors study Chinese, Japanese, or Korean with the goal of being admitted to a top graduate program in East Asian Studies, most majors combine their EALC studies with another major in business, social sciences, computer science, arts, or humanities.

Our students are encouraged to pursue a summer internship in East Asia to prepare them for a wide variety of career options after graduation. Students should also explore grants after their junior year to conduct research abroad for their senior thesis projects.


The world is more interconnected now than it ever has been before. Knowledge of the diverse languages and cultures of East Asia is vital to our engagement with the global community at large. Students who study East Asian languages and cultures find success in many sectors, including business, humanities, social sciences, communications, technology, and the arts. Learn more about the 97% of East Asian Languages and Cultures majors who found success within 6 months of graduation

Careers for Chinese Majors Careers for Japanese Majors


Xiaoshan Yang

We hope the information on our website is helpful to you. If you have any questions about any of our programs, please be sure to contact me.

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