Study Abroad

The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures offers a wide variety of acclaimed study abroad opportunities for our students. We have study abroad programs in China, Japan, and Korea

"The best part of the experience, in my opinion, was how with all that work it was still extremely fun. My teachers and peer tutors taught me how to use the language to talk about what I was personally interested in; exploring the city with other students was an unceasing adventure of new tastes, smells and sights; and not a day went by when I didn’t have a good laugh, regardless of if it was raining, smoggy, or I was tired."

— Kathleen Cooper, Neuroscience and Behavior and Chinese Major. 

China Study Abroad

Students can study abroad for either a semester or a year in the People's Republic of China. Some of the programs afford students an opportunity to improve their fluency in spoken and written Mandarin Chinese through intensive training, but others focus on cultural experiences rather than language improvement. Not all programs' courses can be transferred to Notre Dame. Please check the requirements for each program.

Student Standing Next to Great Wall of China

Beijing, China

Notre Dame offers three study abroad programs in Beijing, China.

Tiffany Rojas

"Although the classes were rigorous and required long hours of work and preparation, the opportunity I got to study Mandarin Chinese and interact with a new culture and location are unparalleled. From sitting in classrooms with some of the most genuine and dedicated teachers I have met to exploring places like the Great Wall of China, I got to see fascinating things, speak to incredible and interesting people, and in general experience things I never would have otherwise."

— Tiffany Rojas, Economics and Chinese Major

Shanghai, China

Notre Dame offers one study abroad program in Shanghai, China.

Hong Kong, China

Notre Dame offers three study abroad programs in Hong Kong

Summer Programs in China

Students can take advantage of several different summer study abroad programs in China.

  • China Summer Language Program (Beijing)
    • The China Language Program in Beijing is a joint program with Peking University, one of the top universities in China. Students must take a language pledge to only speak Chinese during the program. Students experience special excursions and cultural events as well as language classes. Students who complete the program receive six credits from Notre Dame to put towards their major or minor.
  • Global Professional Experience Summer Program (locations in Beijing, Hangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai)
  • China & Hong Kong Summer Economics Program (includes significant travel—to Beijing, Shenzhen/Guangzhou, and Hong Kong)

Japan Study Abroad

Keio Banner

Students can study abroad for either a semester or a full year in Japan. Some of the programs afford students an opportunity to improve their fluency in spoken and written Japanese through intensive training, but others focus on cultural experiences rather than language improvement. Not all programs' courses can be transferred to Notre Dame. Please check the requirements for each program.

Nagoya, Japan

The Nagoya Exchange Program at the Catholic Nanzan University offers mandatory courses in intensive Japanese, as well as related courses in literature, religions, business, economics, history, art, and politics. The program is designed for sophomores who have taken a minimum of first-year, intensive Japanese (at the University of Notre Dame) or its equivalent.

Max Kennard

"After graduating from Notre Dame, I went on to attend a master's program for robotics at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. This was largely made possible due to my study abroad experience in Nagoya, Japan. Having the opportunity to spend six months living in Japan and learning the language and culture gave me the confidence I needed to further pursue my studies in the country that continues to fascinate me. I believe that the study abroad program is imperative for anyone truly desiring to learn a language."

— Max Kennard, Mechanical Engineering and Japanese Major

Tokyo, Japan

Notre Dame offers two programs in Tokyo. 

The Tokyo Sophia Program at the Catholic Sophia University enables language majors to focus on their language courses while, at the same time, affording a wide-ranging selection of English-language course offerings in Asian studies, international business, economics, history, political science, art history, literature, religion, philosophy, anthropology, and sociology. Sophomores and juniors may participate.

The Tokyo Keio Program is hosted at Keio University. Founded on the principle of academic excellence, Keio University is Japan’s oldest institution of higher education and one of its most prestigious. Keio University is located in Tokyo, Japan's capital city and the largest metropolitan area in the world, with over 35 million people living in the urban area. Keio has a total of five campuses. Mita campus in central Tokyo is the home campus for visiting exchange students. Having been the first Japanese university to admit foreign students, Keio now has a thriving study abroad program that includes exchange programs with several American, Canadian, European, and Australian universities.

Study Abroad in Korea

Seoul Banner

Seoul, Korea

Notre Dame offers one program in Seoul, South Korea. The Study Abroad at Yonsei (SAY) Exchange at Yonsei University is located in a spacious, picturesque and natural setting located minutes away from Seoul's metropolitan downtown. Yonsei University has 3,500 eminent faculty members who are conducting cutting-edge research across all academic disciplines. There are 18 graduate schools, 22 colleges and 133 subsidiary institutions hosting a selective pool of students from around the world. It has a student body of over 28,000 undergraduates and postgraduates.

Alison Emeott

"It's really inspiring because when you're surrounded by people speaking a language, you want to learn more and you want to become a part of the community. When I came to Korea, I felt like I wasn't quite prepared to speak with a shop owner or a taxi driver. After spending time in Korea, you become more confident in yourself."

— Allison Emeott, Applied Mathematics and Asian Studies Major, Korean Minor