Minor in Korean

Students pursuing a minor in Korean must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours of Korean coursework which must also include the requirements outlined below.

For students who matriculated in Fall 2019 and thereafter:

  1. Language Study: Students must complete at least two semesters of language study beyond the first-year level or the equivalent. For heritage speakers with competency beyond the second-year level, the completion of one semester of Advanced Korean will satisfy the language requirement for the minor. Advanced Korean may be repeated for credit and applied toward the minor.
  2. Literature and Culture: One upper-division 3-credit course in Asian literature and culture taught by EALC faculty, or in the event of a Korea-related course outside the Department, by a member of the Notre Dame faculty. Ideally, this course should have a strong Korean component. University seminars do not satisfy this requirement.
  3. Additional Courses: Remaining credits may be completed by taking Korean language courses beyond the second-year level and regular 3-credit courses designated as LLEA at the 30000 level and above. 

For students who matriculated before Fall 2019:

  1. Language Study: Students must complete at least two semesters of the language or the equivalent, beyond the first year.
    • 10000-level language courses do not count toward a major, supplementary major, or minor.
    • Students are allowed to use a maximum of 1 credit from language reading courses beyond the first-year level to fulfill the requirements of the minor in Korean.
    • Students with grades lower than B- are not advised to proceed to the next level.
  2. Literature and Culture: At least one upper-division 3-credit course taught by EALC faculty. University seminars do not satisfy this requirement.

Checklist For Korean Minors

  1. Completion of two semesters of Korean beyond the first year or its equivalent 
  2. One upper-division 3-credit course in East Asian literature and culture taught by EALC faculty 
  3. A total of 15 credits 

Checklist document for Korean minors

Questions? Please contact our DUS, Prof. Michael Brownstein.