Chinese Honors Track Theses


James Woodley, “Weighing the Fairness of Chinese University Admissions”


John Fox, “Authoritarianism and Personality Cult in Contemporary China: The Return of the Repressed?”


Rona Vaselaar, "Repression/Resurgence: The Reality and Rhetoric of Homosexuality in China"


Maxwell Brown, "Chinese Cyber Warfare Capabilities and Espionage: Agency in an Asymmetric Era"


Wendy Hatch, "Challenge of the Human Landscape: Economics, Politics, and Reproduction in China's New Birth Policy"

Megan Hsu, "Tensions of Tradition and Modernity: TCM in China Today"

Hannah Pawelczyk, "Media Globalization in China: The Influence of U.S. Television"

Dominic Romeo, "Wukan: Chinese Approved Democracy?"


Grace Lee," Hong Kong and the Mainland in the midst of Dogs versus Locusts: How Social and Political Divides Shape Modern Hong Kong Identity"

Brendan Melchiorri, "Chinese Democracy: Taiwanese Opinion on Cross-Strait Relations and Taiwan’s Political Future"

Seung Yoon Nam, "Microfinance and Financial Inclusion of Rural China, South Korea, and the United States"

Allison Wettstein, "Made in China: Human Trafficking and the Laogai System"



Caroline Hudson, “A Disease of Blood and Treasure: Poverty and the Politics of HIV/AIDS in China”

Mariel Lee, “Chinese International Students’ Acculturation of at Notre Dame”

Mary Longenbaker, “Countercultural Daoism: The Dialectic Between Religious Daoism and Confucianism in Ge Hong’s Traditions of Divine Transcendents

Michel Sabella: “Inequality and the Harmonious Society Concept in Postsocialist China”

Daniel Zebrowski, “Fashioning the Image of a Lofty Recluse: Tao Yuanming and the Zither”

Jee Seun Choi, "Myth of South Korean Anti-Americanism?”


Brice Doyle, “Physical Height and Spiritual Elevation in the Poetry of Xie Lingyun”

Casey Kenny, “Trends in Chinese Migration: Rising Re-immigration, Circular and Transnational Migration Patterns of the Haigui and the Effect on Nationalism and Identity”

Sean Sasso, “The Appreciation of the Chinese Yuan and Its Impact on Sino-American Relations and the Operations of U.S. Multinational Companies”


Ryan Mingo, “Ascension in the Poetry of Hanshan and Li Bai”