Video: Why learn a language?

Author: Todd Boruff

Greta Interview

Learning a second, or third, language is transformative for Notre Dame students.

Developing the ability to read, speak, and comprehend Arabic, Chinese, or any of the other 15+ languages that Notre Dame offers, improves memory and problem-solving skills. It also deepens appreciation of cultures, enhances travel experiences, boosts confidence, and expands understanding of the world. 

Bilingual graduates have exciting and rewarding career options. And, as a bonus, they earn 5-20% more than people who speak one language. 

Enjoy exploring the world’s languages, and broadening your world.

Los mejores deseos. بالتوفيق! Meilleurs vœux. Auguri. Удачи. Best wishes!

Originally published by Todd Boruff at on August 19, 2022.