Chinese Speech Contest

Author: Jessica Green

The Fifth Annual Chinese Speech contest was held Friday April 13th.   In celebrating the accomplishments of learning Chinese in the year of the Dragon over twenty skits were written and performed by EALC students.  Over 150 students attended the event in addition to faculty, staff and community support.  The skits were judged by Ms, han Dou, Professor Li Guo, Ms. Hye-jin Juhn, and Dr. Hong Zhu. While there were many great performances only three could claim first place in their category. In the First Year Chinese contest the winners were Dominique Higgins, Ivana Tong, and Lance Mulcahey who portrayed a skit mimicking the Real World China.  A fantastic skit by Eric Brumleve, Peter Woo, and Peter Baxter entitled Our Girlfriend claimed first place for Second Year Chinese.  Rounding out the top winners were Melissa Woo, James Simonse, and Megan Hsu who took home the prize for Third Year Chinese with their skit A Colorful Journey.  In addition to all the student participants special thanks go to the Liu Family Endowment for Asian Studies, Dean's Office, College of Arts and Letters, Center for the Study of Languages & Cultures, and the Kellogg Institute for International Studies.