China Greenlights ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Release, But It Might Not Shine At The Box Office: Xian Wang for the Huffington Post

Author: Liu Institute

Xian Wang, an assistant professor of East Asian languages and culture and a Liu fellow is quoted in a Huffington Post article. Should we be surprised that government censors are allowing “Crazy Rich Asians” to be screened in China despite the film’s depictions of extreme spending and ostentatious lifestyles? No, says Xian Wang, “The censorship in China is more oriented toward the political issues."  

“The movie is a little bit controversial maybe, in terms of its portrayals of wealth, but that’s not a huge priority for Chinese censorship.”

Wang, an expert in Chinese popular culture, also commented on the potential appeal of the film to Chinese audiences: "As long as it’s a good Cinderella love story, then the audience in China, they may go.”

Originally published by Liu Institute at on October 23, 2018.