9th Chinese Speech Contest Comes to a Close

Author: EALC

The 9th Chinese speech contest took place on April the 13th, having students across all years of Chinse giving prepared speeches to their classmates, teachers, and a panel of judges.  Students' speeches were all self written and memorized, and the topics varied from stories of home to political opinions to how they first became intersted in Chinese.  Winners selected by the judges from each level of Chinese are given the chance to participate in the 2016 US Midwest "Chinese Bridge" Speech Contest to be held April 23, 2016 at DePaul University, Chicago, IL.   A comprehensive list of the winners from this year's Chinese Speech Contest is as follows:

1st Year Chinese
1st Prize: Connor Doyle 柯俊楠
2nd Prize: Tyler Belin 周泰乐
3rd Prize: Parker Shattuck 石天磊; Edward Kuhns 孔 华德

2nd Year Chinese: 
1st Prize: Andrew Meisenbacher 白超安
2nd Prize: Gabriella Mezzacappa 郭美婷
3rd Prize: Juliana Pellino 朱丽雅

3rd Year Chinese: 
1st Prize: Rachel Oh 吴承炫
2nd Prize: Jeanie Ryu 柳智恩
3rd Prize: Amy Seo 徐瑞英

4th,  5th and 6th Year Chinese: 
1st Prize: Joshua Pine 松凯义 
2nd Prize: Zachary Sturm 肖昭旷
3rd Prize:  Ko-Wun Kim金可文; Joshua Pauls 乔问识