Mark Peterson: Korean History—World's Firsts and World's Bests


Location: DeBartolo Hall 217 


Korea is often eclipsed by its more powerful neighbors, China and Japan. But historically Korea has made, and continues to make world-class, first-class contributions to world civilization. In this presentation, we will look at some of the things Korea does best, and some of the things it has done first in the world.
Mark Peterson is a professor of Korean studies at Brigham Young University since 1994; Director, Fulbright Program in Korea 1978-83. Former Chair, Korean Studies committee, at the Association for Asian Studies, 2003-2005; Book review Editor, Journal for Asian Studies, 2005-2007; Currently Editor-in-Chief, Korean Journal.
Books: Korean Adoption and Inheritance: The Creation of a Classic Confucian Society, 1997; 유교사회 의 창출, 1998; Korean Women: View from the Inner Room (with Laurel Kendall, 1987); A Brief History of Korea, pub. by Facts on File, New York, 2009. Additionally he has published several articles, chapters in books and encyclopedia articles and numerous YouTube lectures.
This event is sponsored by the Korean Program in the Department of East Asian Languages and Culture; the Liu Institute of Asia and Asian Studies, the Office of Undergraduate Studies, and the Center for the Study of Language and Culture.



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