Students and Alumni

East Asian students have a unique opportunity to experience foreign language and culture through study abroad, internships and career opportunities. 

The experiences are often documented through alumni postings and career updates. 

Current students are able to keep up with those students who chose to study abroad and see if the experience would be right for them.

Hear about our student experiences:

Chinese Program

Ethan Clendening (柯达维) is a 2017 graduate of Notre Dame, where he majored in Honors Economics and Chinese. He was named the 2017 recipient of the Liu Family Distinguished Achievement Award in Asian Studies. Ethan currently resides in Seattle and works as a financial analyst on Microsoft’s supply chain team, interacting closely with the company’s operations in China.

Zack Sturm is a 2016 graduate of Notre Dame.  While at Notre Dame, he majored in Chinese with a supplementary major in Peace Studies, and received the Liu Family Distinguished Achievement Award in Asian Studies upon graduation.  He is currently living in Sacramento, California, and working as a third grade teacher, while pursuing his M.Ed. through Notre Dame’s ACE Teaching Fellows Program (graduating class of 2018).

Japanese Program