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Experience the Sounds of Minyoo

Author: Jessica Green

Award-winning singer Molly Adkins Jeon gave a very moving performance and talk, “Experience the Sounds of Minyoo,” the evening of April 26th, in the Hesburgh Center Auditorium for students in the Japanese program and members of the University community.  Minyoo is a genre of traditional Japanese folk songs originally connected to forms of work or to specific trades.  Later minyoo Read More

Chinese Poetry Expert Receives Research Fellowship

Author: Chris Milazzo

Xiaoshan Yang, associate professor and director of undergraduate studies in Notre Dame’s Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, has been awarded an American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Fellowship for the 2013-14 academic year. “Chinese poetry is a significant component of Chinese culture. It is known both for its antiquity and for its continuity,” says Yang, who specializes in classical Chinese poetry and poetics. “ So I was both excited and humbled to receive the award.” Read More

Honorable Hao Ping, China’s vice minister for education, leads delegation to Notre Dame

Author: Michael O. Garvey

Thomas Burish and Ping Hao Chinese Vice Minister for Education Hao Ping and Notre Dame Provost Thomas G. Burish

China’s Vice Minister for Education Hao Ping visited the Notre Dame campus Tuesday (April 9) at the head of an official delegation of Chinese government and educational leaders.

The principal reason for Vice Minister Hao’s visit, which was organized and hosted by Notre Dame International, was to sign and celebrate an agreement between the University of Notre Dame and the Ministry of Education’s China Scholarship Council (CSC), whose Secretary General, Liu Jinghui, was also a member of the delegation. The CSC already supports numerous graduate students from China pursuing doctoral degrees at Notre Dame, but the agreement signed today by Notre Dame’s provost, Thomas G. Burish, Vice Minister Hao and Secretary General Liu will provide scholarships enabling some 20 additional Chinese students to enroll in Notre Dame’s Graduate School. Read More

Student Club Looks To Increase Cultural Opportunities for Campus

Author: Ben Horvath

A college campus is intended to be a place where exploration, dialogue, and debate are fostered. A prime example of this ethos is the Dean’s Fellows program in the College of Arts and Letters. The program’s mission is simple: provide opportunities and support so that students can become academic leaders on campus. Read More

Arts and Letters Students Celebrate Senior Theses

Author: Ben Horvath

Each year, approximately 30 percent of seniors in the College of Arts and Letters complete a yearlong thesis project, working one-on-one with a faculty member or graduate student to make an intellectual contribution to their chosen field of study. Read More