Students must complete 15 credit hours, distributed as follows:

  1. Language Study: At least two semesters of Korean language beyond the first year or the equivalent. For heritage speakers with competency beyond the second year, the completion of one semester of Advanced Korean will satisfy the language requirement for the minor. Advanced Korean may be repeated for credit and applied toward the minor.
  2. Literature/Culture Course: One three-credit course in Asian literature, culture, and/or media taught by a member of the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, or in the event of a Korean related course outside the department, by a member of the Notre Dame faculty. Ideally this course should have a strong Korean component. University seminars do not satisfy this requirement.
  3. Additional Courses: The remaining credit hours may be fulfilled by additional courses offered by EALC, or by other East Asian-related courses that are cross-listed by the Department, usually under the rubric LLEA, or by courses approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. These may include courses taken by students studying abroad. Students are expected to demonstrate a strong Korean component when submitting courses for approval by the Dean.