Fall 2012 Courses

FALL 2012 Korean Language Courses


EALK 10111/11111 First Year Korean I                                                                          Jung-Hyuck Lee

This introductory course is designed to provide beginners with a solid foundation in modern Korean starting from the Korean alphabet.  Throughout the course we will focus on the balanced development of the four basic language skills of speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing.   At the end of semester students will be able to understand and articulate some basic idiomatic expressions and some basic grammatical patterns (e.g., sentence structure, speech levels, verb tenses) in conversation and writing and develop their understanding of aspects of Korean culture.  First Year Korean I is a 5 credit course; students should enroll in both the MWF (EALK 10111) section and choose one T (EALK 11111) lab.

EALK 10111 01 First Year Korean I MWF 9:30-10:20

EALK 11111 01 First Year Korean I Lab T 9:30-10:10:45

EALK 11111 02 First Year Korean I Lab T 11:00-12:15


 EALK 20211/21211 Second Year Korean I                                                                   Jung-Hyuck Lee

This intermediate course is for learners who have completed one year of college-level Korean or the equivalent.  It is designed to continue building students’ language skills with an emphasis on enhancing their speaking ability, writing skills, and the usage of more complex constructions.  The language of instruction will be in Korean, and students are expected to use the target language as much as possible.  There will be 7 lessons (Lessons 1-7) covered in Integrated Korean: Intermediate I, with supplementary activities relevant to each lesson.  Moreover, approximately 35 Chinese characters will be introduced for the achievement of basic literacy and the expansion of vocabulary.   Second Year Korean I is a 5 credit course; students should enroll in both the MWF (EALK 20211) course and choose one R (EALK 21211) lab.

EALK 20211 01 Second Year Korean I  MWF 10:40-11:30

EALK 21211 01 Second Year Korean I Lab  R 9:30-10:45

EALK 21211 02 Second Year Korean I Lab   R 11:00-12:15


EALK 47498 01 Special Studies 1.0

Requires a contractual agreement with the professor prior to scheduling.  For advanced students who wish to pursue an independent research project reading Korean language materials.