Supplementary Major

The supplementary major in Japanese requires a minimum of 24 credit hours distributed as follows:

  1. Language Study: At a minimum, completion of third year Japanese or its equivalent.
    • If students take their entire language sequence at Notre Dame, this will result in 18 hours beyond first year. Students who place out of third year at any point are encouraged to complete more advanced courses beyond the third year. Students who place out of third year at the time of their first placement test are required to take a minimum of 6 credit hours of Japanese language classes.
    • 10000 level language courses do not count toward a major, supplementary major, or minor.
    • Students are allowed to use a maximum of 2 credits from language reading courses to fulfill requirements of the supplementary major in Japanese.
    • Students with grades lower than B- are not advised to proceed to the next level.
  2. Literature and Culture: Two upper-division 3 credit courses in Japanese literature and culture in residence at Notre Dame, including at least one literature course taught by EALC faculty. Any exception must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  University Seminars do not satisfy this requirement.