Online Resources

Japanese DVDs

  • Shall We Dance?

Japanese Videos

  • Architecture 2000:  Tokyo, The Eclectic Metropolis
  • Dream Across Time and Place  - The Legacy of Tsuda Umeko (A)
  • Enjo
  • Hirohito:  Japan in the 20th Century
  • Japan 2000:  Against All the Odds (environmental impact)
  • Makiko’s New World
  • Minbo:  or the Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion
  • Sadako and the Thousand Paper-cranes
  • The Actor’s Revenge (The)
  • The Ballad of Narajama (The)
  • The Japanese Economic Bubble (The)
  • The Tale of Genji (The)
  • Theater in Japan.  Yesterday and Today
  • This is Kyogen:  What Makes People Laugh?
  • Traffic Jam