To find an internship that best suits your desires go to the career center website. Or visit them on campus here at Notre Dame in 248 Flanner Hall.

International Scholars Program

The International Scholars Program gives Freshmen the opportunity to pursue research with a faculty member and present the work at conferences. Learn more

Japan Information & Culture Center (JICC), Embassy of Japan

The JICC is a part of the Public Affairs section of the Embassy of Japan in Washington, DC. Our primary role is to promote a better understanding of Japan and Japanese culture by providing a wide range of information and events to the American public, particularly in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We strive to build bridges between the two cultures through various activities, such as film screenings, art exhibitions, lectures, an online newsletter, and school programs. The JICC is the gateway to connect the American public to Japan and the interns are an integral part of our efforts. Learn More