Placement Exam

Students who wish to enroll in a Chinese language course beyond the 11111 level must take a placement examination administered by the Department.

Students with prior experience in Chinese are advised to take the placement examination before registering for a language class.

Students who are taking a language sequence (in Chinese) at Notre Dame and sit out for a semester or more of course work are required to take a placement exam in order to continue their study of the language.

FALL 2018 Chinese Placement Exams

Placement exam for freshmen

(9:00 am-12:00 pm, Friday, Aug. 17)

Written Room---DeBartolo Hall 138 

Oral Rooms---DeBartolo Hall 136 & 140 


Placement exam for returning students

(10:00 am -12:30 pm, Monday, Aug. 20)​​

Written Room---DeBartolo Hall 320.

Oral Rooms---DeBartolo Hall 305 & 306.


Registration form:

Chinese Placement Exams consists of two parts, written and oral exams.

The Department reserves the right to change student placement based on class performance. 

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