Notre Dame's 8th Anuual Speech Contest

Author: Shinaola Atoro

On Friday April 10, 2015, Notre Dame’s Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures Department successfully hosted its 8th Annual Chinese Speech Contest. The Chinese Speech Contest is an annual competition that allows our Chinese students from beginning to advanced levels to showcase their fluency and creativity. During the contest, students present an original piece written by them. The students are expected to memorize this piece, and present it to the audience. Winners are selected based on the student’s fluency, pronounciation, grammar, presentation and content of the speech. The contest was sponsored by Notre Dame’s Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures, College of Arts and Letters Office for Undergraduate Studies, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, and Kellogg Institute for International Studies, and was organized by Professor Chengxu Yin. Needless to say, the topics were amusing, creative and thought provoking. Here are the names of this year’s winners:

1st Year Chinese:
1st Prize: Abigail Awodele
2nd Prize: Andrew Meisenbacher
3rd Prize: Gabriella Klose ; MacKenna Kelleher

2nd Year Chinese:
1st Prize: Ethan Clendening
2nd Prize: Rebekah Luffy
3rd Prize: Atoro Shinaola

3rd Year Chinese:
1st Prize: Sophie Spartz
2nd Prize: Jamie Towey
3rd Prize: James O'Connor

4th and 5th Year Chinese:
1st Prize: Zachary Sturm
2nd Prize: Kristina Flathers
3rd Prize: Seo Hyun Kim