Experience the Sounds of Minyoo

Author: Jessica Green

Award-winning singer Molly Adkins Jeon gave a very moving performance and talk, “Experience the Sounds of Minyoo,” the evening of April 26th, in the Hesburgh Center Auditorium for students in the Japanese program and members of the University community.  Minyoo is a genre of traditional Japanese folk songs originally connected to forms of work or to specific trades.  Later minyoo serve as entertainment, dance accompaniment, or components of religious ritual.  Ms. Jeon has a Masters degree in ethnomusicology from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.  Her performance included ten minyoo and was followed by a discussion with the audience.  The event, open to the public, was co-sponsored by EALC, the College of Arts and Letters, the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, and The Japan Club.