Sayuri Ogiuchi

Sayuriogiuchi Prolife


East Asian Languages and Cultures
Assistant Professional Specialist
264 Decio Hall

Sayuri Ogiuchi specializes in Japanese language pedagogy and culture, and has taught Japanese in the US and Japan. She has taught Japanese language courses of all levels, as well as Japanese culture courses.

Her career started by being selected and sent to the Moscow University in Russia to teach Japanese by the Japanese government (2001-2003). After she completed her role there, she dedicated herself to foreign residents in Japan, enhancing their lives at the Fukuoka City Gender Equality Promotion Center AMIKAS, Fukuoka, Japan (2003-2010).

Acknowledged for her accomplishments, she was assigned by the Japanese government again as a teacher for an exchange program between the US and Japan, and taught at Jefferson High School, Indiana (2011-2013). After this, she received a master’s degree from Purdue University, where she worked as a TA and lecturer (2013-2016). She has been at her current position at University of Notre Dame since 2016.

She also has taught at Purdue University, Beloit College, and the International Christian University in Tokyo during summers.
Her current research interests include the articulation of language and culture, Content Based Instruction, Goal Oriented Instruction, and media in classroom.