Past Chinese Theses


Jhn Fox, “Authoritarianism and Personality Cult in Contemporary China: The Return of the Repressed?”

Advisr: Lionel Jensen

Since 2012, China observers have noted a significant concentration of the Communist government’s control over civil society that has led many to believe China has become more authoritarian under President Xi Jinping. Does this signal the return of the personality cult in China?




Grace Lee," Hong Kong and the Mainland in the midst of Dogs versus Locusts: How Social and Political Divides Shape Modern Hong Kong Identity"

Advisor Liangyan Ge


Brendan Melchiorri, "Chinese Democracy: Taiwanese Opinion on Cross-Strait Relations and Taiwan’s Political Future"

Advisor: Sylvia Lin


Seung Yoon Nam, "Microfinance and Financial Inclusion of Rural China, South Korea, and the United States"

Advisor: Xiaoshan Yang


Allison Wettstein, "Made in China: Human Trafficking and the Laogai System"

Advisor: Xiaoshan Yang


Caroline Hudson, “A Disease of Blood and Treasure: Poverty and the Politics of HIV/AIDS in China”

Advisor: Lionel Jensen


Mariel Lee, “Chinese International Students’ Acculturation of at Notre Dame”

Advisor: Xiaoshan Yang


Mary Longenbaker, “Countercultural Daoism: The Dialectic Between Religious Daoism and Confucianism in Ge Hong’s Traditions of Divine Transcendents

Advisor: Xiaoshan Yang


Michel Sabella: “Inequality and the Harmonious Society Concept in Postsocialist China”

Advisor: Liangyan Ge


Daniel Zebrowski, “Fashioning the Image of a Lofty Recluse: Tao Yuanming and the Zither”

Advisor: Xiaoshan Yang


Brice Doyle, “Physical Height and Spiritual Elevation in the Poetry of Xie Lingyun”

Advisor: Xiaoshan Yang


Casey Kenny, “Trends in Chinese Migration: Rising Re-immigration, Circular and Transnational Migration Patterns of the Haigui and the Effect on Nationalism and Identity”

Advisor: Sylvia Lin


Sean Sasso, “The Appreciation of the Chinese Yuan and Its Impact on Sino-American Relations and the Operations of U.S. Multinational Companies”

Advisor: Xiaoshan Yang


Ryan Mingo, “Ascension in the Poetry of Hanshan and Li Bai”

Advisor: Xiaoshan Yang