Students standing on the Great Wall of China

19th century chinese manuscript

dragon on chinese temple




Studying at Nanzan University





Korean palace


Seokguram Grotto

Students at Korean Alphabet Day


The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures provides language instruction in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and also offers innovative courses in English on culture, business, literature, history, philosophy, religion, film, gender studies, political science, and anthropology.

Celebrate  Asia!

Sunday November 6th 2:00pm-5:00pm in the LaFortune Ballroom

New Courses Offered in Fall 2016

EALC 10151, 20252, 30351, 40451, 
50551: First - Fifth Year Readings in Chinese

LLEA 40613 From Magazines to the Internet: Media and Culture in Modern China

LLEA 40959 What We Talk About When We Talk About China: Discourse, Philosophy, History

Video: Dr. Zhu Discusses His Research

Video:  The professional benefits of learning a language


Video: Meet Japanese Major Matthew Donley

“People have this idea that Japanese is really hard, that it is difficult to speak, because it’s an entirely different grammatical structure,” says Matthew Donley, a senior Japanese and psychology major in Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters. “But it’s not as hard as you think.”  See video